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Our Reel .

Drag and drop

Oddballs meet meatballs


Tokyo - Taiwan

Uber Eats

Film, OOH, Social

2019 - 2020


Tonight I’ll Be Eating….

When you pair up two celebrities with little in common except a growling appetite,
you get some pretty off-the-wall comedy. And a roaring success.
Our launch campaigns for Uber Eats Japan and Taiwan feature the likes of Jolin Tsai, Kei Nishikori,
Nana Komatsu and Hiroshi Abe. Megastar duos declared their cravings across TV spots, bite-sized
social media clips and humongous billboards at Shibuya Crossing. Not long after the launch,
Uber Eats became Japan's no.1 food delivery service. Yum.