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Social, Livestream

2019 - 2020


If bringing wellness and mindfulness to Japan sounds like a colossal ambition, call us colossally ambitious because that’s precisely what we are trying to do with Lululemon. The athletic apparel retailer has pushed our creative muscles to their full potential in our daily effort to create bespoke and relevant social, digital, and on/off content that makes fans both sweat and grow. Along the way, we’ve founded communities, told inspiring stories, and encouraged fans to truly activate their lifestyles. The sort of things a client would come to a limber, flexible agency for in the first place.

Take a break
to break a sweat.

Sweat Together, Grow Together

An ongoing series of bite-sized tutorials, directed and produced by USN to bring the #sweatlife experience online, to really flex and stretch the lifestyles of many of those stuck at home. This yoga-centered activation caters to people who are interested in beginning their mind-bending yoga journey. Lululemon’s ambassadors introduced yoga exercises that are beginner-friendly and easily practiced at home through various tutorials, which have accrued 350,000 in reach and resulted in a 2.2% follower growth on social. Upon its successes on social, this content series was also shared throughout APAC on all digital platforms.

Stretch your community.

Collective Features

A community can only start growing when people who share the same values decide to hang together. The hardest part is finding those who share those of your brand. That's why we conceived a social campaign featuring local businesses around Lululemon stores to support and engage with the community and introduce the lifestyles they lead. Such community-friendly neighborhood venues helped fans create a form of belonging and connection through shared lifestyles, generating authentic stories for Lululemon.